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Eye Blender Brush

Eye Blender Brush

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A firm but fluffy brush ideal for building and blending Hybrid Eye Pigments.

Designed for easy pickup and seamless blending. Eye Blender Brush is the perfect companion to Hybrid Eye Pigment.


Brush bristles are vegan fine plastic fibres, designed to mimic animal hair root and tip to offer limitless artistry while also being hypoallergenic.
Brush handle - ABS Plastic
Brush ferrule - aluminium

How to use

Blend and Layer:
Swirl the brush across a Hybrid Eye Pigment for subtle pick-up. Buff onto the lid, layering to desired intensity. Blend any eyeshadow or Hybrid Eye Pigment by buffing in a circular motion.

Brush Care:
Use a brush cleaner solution or wash with soap and water after every use. Ensure your brush is thoroughly dry before use.

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