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Liner/Brow Brush

Liner/Brow Brush

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A fine angle brush for sharp lines and precision brows at one end and a spoolie to tame brows at the other.

Designed to create sharp edges and hairlike strokes for precision liner and brows.


Brush bristles are vegan fine plastic fibres, designed to mimic animal hair root and tip to offer limitless artistry while also being hypoallergenic.
Brush handle - ABS Plastic
Brush ferrule - aluminium

How to use

Lightly feather Hybrid Eye Pigment through the brows in fine strokes to create the desired shape and definition.

Glide Hybrid Eye Pigment along the lash line and build as desired. Smudge for a soft smokey effect or build to intensity for a sharp edge.

Gel Liner:
Dip into Gel Liner and press into the base of the lashes for a subtle tight line or build to the desired shape and thickness.

Brush Care:
Use a brush cleaner solution or wash with soap and water after every use. Ensure your brush is thoroughly dry before use.

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