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Powder Brush

Powder Brush

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The perfect companion to Prep/Finish Powder to allow for precise and deliberate application.
Designed in a slightly angled shape, this brush makes it easier for precise application for the whole face, including areas around the nose, under the eyes and over the eyelids.


Brush bristles are vegan fine plastic fibres, designed to mimic animal hair root and tip to offer limitless artistry while also being hypoallergenic.
Brush handle - ABS Plastic
Brush ferrule - aluminium

How to use

Complexion Perfection:
Swirl brush into Prep/Finish Powder, picking up sufficient product, then use intentional patting motions to press powder into the complexion to prep, set and prime.

Brush Care:
Use a brush cleaner solution or wash with soap and water after every use. Ensure your brush is thoroughly dry before use.

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